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       公司地理位置优越,东濒上海,南倚苏州、无锡,北临长江,公司扼守沪宁走廊中部,沿江高速穿越其中,水、陆、空交通便捷。依托得天独厚的资源优势和公司决策者的远见卓识及全体员工的努力拼搏,公司得以迅速发展壮大,近几年公司开发了电力系统的高新科技产品,TKB-110/220/330/550 无局放电容式套管全自动宽幅纸包绕机、G-1000高压全自动高速绕线机等系列产品,填补了国内空白。
       为使公司能与各买家及时沟通并迅速处理各种业务,公司设有贸易部,配备了专职业务员,本着“质量第一、信 誉至上”的宗旨,他们以周到的服务,及时的交货方式,深受客户好评。同时公司设立服务部,为用户提供各类产品的技术咨询、安装调试和技术培训。优质的产品、合理的价格为公司赢得了广大新老客户的好评和信赖。
      In Beiguo Town of Jiangyin City of Jiangsu Provice, situated in the economically most developed Shanghai Economic Circle,there is a specialized packaging equipment company with 25 years of history--Jiangyin Beiguo Packaging Equipment Co.,Ltd. and the company is revealing a whole-new pose of constant innovating and is coruscating new youth and vitality on its new journey.
      The company enjoys advantageous geographical location,with Shanghai to the near east, Suzhou and Wuxi to the near south and the Yangtze River to near north. Situated in the middle part of "Hu-Ning corridor" and with the YANJIANG Expressway passing by the company enjoys fast and convenient water,land and air transportation,Based on the predominance of resources endowed by nature, the farsightedness of the company's decision makers and the hard effort by all the staff members, the company has been rapidly growing. In recent years,the company has developed series high and new products for electric power system and such products as TKB-110/220/330/550 non-local-discharge condenser type bushing full automation broadsheet wrapping machines and G-1000 high-pressure full automation high-speed wire winding machines have supplied domestic gap. 
      Quality is the life of an enterprise. Supplying customers with products of best quality and creating value for customers are the principle that the company has been persistently surck to. By applying the leading technology in the nowaday trade,adopting excellent equipment and implementing perfect technolgical process control, the company remains invincible,Perfect ISO9001 Quality Product of trustable Quality and the company has been awarded certificate of Scientifically Advanced Enterprise.
       In order for the company to timely communicate with the buyers and handle various business affairs, the company has set up the Trade Dept. made up of full-time staff. Sticking to the lenet of "Quality first and credit first", they have won favorable appraisal from customers thands to eh considrate service and timely delivery. The company has also set up the Service Dept. to provide users with technical advice, installation& commissioning as well as technical training for all kinds of products, High-quality products together with reasonable prices have enabled the company to win favorable appraisal and the trust of both old and new customers. 


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