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   LTL was established in 1982, as a joint venture of Ceylon Electricity Board the Power Utility of Sri Lanka and European Investors initially to produce an indigenous transformer. The Company’s production line developed with an ongoing Technical Collaboration Agreement with ABB AS of Norway and today the Company’s state of the art production facilities manufacture very high quality transformers conforming to international standards and meet the entire Sri Lankan requirements while about 50% of its production is exported.

      Over time the production range expanded to special transformers such as Earthing, Dual Ratio, Isolation, Auto, Rectifier Transformers, Switchgear Panels, Package Substations and a host of others.

     The awards the Company has received for their transformers hail their achievements locally and internationally and underline the reason for their 100% local market share and rapidly growing export orders. All our transformers are optimized to meet customer satisfaction with regard to energy loss, noise level, dimensions and weight. Precise and thorough quality control before, during and after each stage of the manufacturing process ensures that all LTL products meet the very highest international quality standards.

     The LTL Transformers are renowned for their high performance and proven reliability. We offer a full range of after sales services to all our customers to ensure the reliability of our products.

    The quality of each product is guaranteed before its release for dispatch.

     We have experience in securely delivering transformers to over 25 countries throughout the world during the past ten years. Quality Products Delivered on Time.

     Transportation options and customer requirments are carefully evaluated and determined by our well experienced staff in the field, and the products are appropriately packed and delivered to the
final destination.

    Installation of the transformers or substations can either be done by the customer or by the experienced LTL field service crew.

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